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Instagram Marketing > Shooting Picture Tips > Include CTA (Call To Action) In Pictures

Include CTA (Call To Action) In Pictures

1) What is Call To Action?
It is an instruction/provocation to audience to get their immediate response, normally by the use of authority for them to do something such as ‘Call Now!’, ‘Get It Now!’, ‘Browse Our Website’, ‘Please Click’, ‘Please Like’ and many more.

2) Do you add CTA in your Instagram Posts?
If not, they will most probably read the link without any action.

3) Make sure you put a clear CTA. Tell them what they need to do.

4) Make it simple so audience give response immediately. If your CTA is to click a link, make sure the link is clearly stated in your post.

Instagram Marketing > Shooting Picture Tips > Picture Composition – Rule of Third

Picture Composition – Rule of Third

1) Normally pictures taken with subject in the middle. But ‘Rule of Third’ allows us to experiment with slightly different style.

2) What is ‘Rule of Third’? It is a simple trick mostly used to get a beautiful and catchy picture composition in a shortcut. Main subject is put off-center and only use 1/3 or 2/3 of the whole picture.

3) Make a grid for the whole picture, position subject anywhere other than the center of the grid and blur the rest of the picture to highlight the subject.

4) Example – Put the main subject (a scenery) along the vertical grids on left hand side and the rest of the picture is minimum space areas.

Instagram Marketing > Shooting Picture Tips > Lighting > Hard Light


2) Hard Light:
a) Normally used to create dramatic effect on picture.
b) Obvious shadow effect creates a contra on picture for a premium effect.
c) Rarely used because this technique is hard to control.
d) If not used correctly will result in subject is not fully highlighted due to part of subject is covered with the shadow.
e) Technique – Take picture on sunny day around 2pm.

Instagram Marketing > Shooting Picture Tips > Lighting > Soft Light

Lighting is very important in the process to get a beautiful, bright and clear picture. Basically, type of lighting is divided into two; ‘soft light’ and ‘hard light’.

1) Soft Light:
a) Safe to be used for all kind of pictures especially product or portrait.
b) It focus on the whole picture, colours and discard unnecessary elements such as extra shadow, glare etc.
c) Picture will be pleasant.
d) Technique – Take picture in the morning, early noon or late afternoon.

to be continued…

Instagram Marketing > Shooting Picture Tips > Props

1) Use props that help your picture more prominent either in terms of message conveying/story telling, colour, picture composition, picture mood etc.

2) Examples of props that can be used:
a) Materials or ingredients (more appealing or convincing)
b) Accessories or flowers (to look more feminine)
c) Plain or pattern covers/base (carpet, table cloth, tissue, plate etc.) and so on

Instagram Marketing > Shooting Picture Tips > Background 2


5) For patterned background, choose repetitive pattern that is not so crowded so that focus on the product/subject is not tampered.

6) The usage of full background normally used to add description to picture.

7) Advisably, use ‘blur’ effect on background to better highlight your product.

8) Be careful so the focus of your followers will not stray from the main subject that you want to highlight.

Instagram Marketing > Shooting Picture Tips > Background 1

1) Use as minimum background as possible.

2) To be safe, use white or grey background.

3) Background other than white can be used to highlight the contra on the product especially those light in colour or has most white colour.

4) Selection of background colour must be suitable with the product image that you want to potray.

to be continued…

Instagram Marketing > Steps > Picture Concept > Examples

1) Action: GoPro promotes their product by using beautiful, clear and lively pictures whether on land or under the water; a result of using a GoPro. That is their USP (Unique Selling Point). Indirectly, they are exposing its usage, quality and the effectiveness of a GoPro camera to users. Most of their postings attracts outdoor/extreme sports lovers to see all the pictures and build up their desire to own it.

2) Action: Redbull; energy drinks that gives a long lasting energy to users and that is what they want to reflect in each of their postings. Redbull highlights the advantages of their product and the lifestyle of their users in all their postings.

3) Beautiful and Elegant: Michael Kors use beautiful and elegant models to style their products (handbag/shoes etc.) in a relaxed atmosphere. Focus on products is natural without ‘hard sell’. It states indirectly that only beautiful women and those on its own class will use the brand. If you use it, you are that women.

4) Story Telling: Story behind the scene also indirectly will make followers interested to know more on the other side of your product – unscripted version of it. Take a picture from back angle with a little bit of shoulder, head or hand completing a task. It will make followers feel ‘close’ and confident with your product.

Instagram Marketing > Steps > Picture Concept

Picture Concept:-

1) Picture must be unique and authentic:
A nice and catchy picture is very important in selling and marketing a particular product/service in Instagram. Post a quality, bright and clear pictureso that your business will be seen as more professional and convincing.

2) Message in a picture:
Human being can process information through a picture up to 60,000 times faster and more effective than those in words. Convey a message through a picture such as effectiveness of your product, users lifestyle, the story behind the scenes or any related stories that will potray users benefits and passion towards your product.