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6) Start:
a) This is your ‘Home’. When you follow other people, their picture will appear here.
b) Home: View all latest photos of people you ‘follow’.
c) Search: Search for people, place, items and ‘hashtags’, including other peoples’ interests.
d) Camera: Take picture to start sharing.
e) Notifications: View new people ‘following’ and ‘like’ your picture.
f) Profile: Your account, all your posts and access to ‘Settings’ menu.

7) Updating Profile:
a) Click profile button on the bottom right and select ‘Edit Your Profile’ button on top.
b) Update your profile.
c) Include your website URL if any, and quick info on your business, location also interesting/unique facts about your business.

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Instagram Marketing > How To Register an Account 2

4) Selection of the right profile picture:
a) Use company’s logo or picture that is related to your business as your profile picture.
b) Click ‘+Photo’.
c) Select ‘Take Photo’ or ‘Choose from Library’ to get suitable picture.
d) Do not ever import from FB. This is to avoid a mix up with your personal FB account.

5) Basic Profile:
a) Use your company/brand name. If you yourself is the ‘image’ of your business, use your own name.
b) Put business phone number to interact with your customers to give exposure to as many people possible, using the help of Instagram.
c) Consequently, you maybe asked to follow other people as well.
d) Do not ‘follow’ immediately! It is best if you post few pictures before you follow other people. If you ‘follow’ right away, they will view an empty profile and most probably will not follow you back.
e) Click ‘Skip’.

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Instagram Marketing > How To Register an Account 1

1) Download the Apps:
a) Instagram account can be created in iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod) or android (smartphones other than Apple).
b) Search for application in ‘Apps Store’ (iOS) or ‘Google Play’ (Android).
c) Download & open apps.

2) Register an account using email:
a) Do not register using FB because automatically it will create an account using your personal FB.
b) Bear in mind, your Instagram account is for your business. Use your business email address.

3) Use a recognized ‘username’:
a) Use a ‘username’ and password and also put a suitable profile picture.
b) Selection of ‘username’ and picture will help in brand creation and make it easier for people to search you and be your followers.

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Instagram Marketing > Instavideo > Function & The Effects on Engagement 2


4) Invite followers to record Instavideo and use related hashtag:
Invite your audience to record and post Instavideo with a hashtag that you specify to enter into a contest, or promote your event, or your new product launching. This trick will expand your new followers and more interactions with existing followers.

5) More Interactions in FB:
Videos and pictures will get more comments, shares and ‘likes’ in FB. Instagram Video can be shared in FB and further on, attract more new audience from FB to be your followers in Instagram.

Instagram Marketing > Instavideo > Function & The Effects on Engagement 1

40% of Instavideo created for the purpose of Brand Promotion whether directly or indirectly. Below are reasons you should have at least one Instavideo of your own:

1) To record product demo and answer FAQs (Frequent Asked Questions):
List out FAQs from your customers and followers. Record a demo while answering those questions. For example, a tutorial video on how to install/wear/prepare your product step by step.

2) Build a Visual Portfolio on your work:
Pictures are more effective than words whilst videos are more effective than pictures. Merely because, in videos, users can use their visual and hearing senses to make a judgement. Record your best work so that it is easier for your followers to view it in 15 seconds. A short video will add more WOW to your work.

3) Highlight Special Promotions and Events:
15 seconds is a perfect duration to promote your special offer or any event that is related to your brand.

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Instagram Marketing > Instavideo > Description

Instavideo Description:

1) Duration: Instavideo can record a video for a duration of up to 15 seconds.

2) Editing: You are able to cut a part of video segments without even recording a new video.

3) Screening: Just like screening a picture, you can put a filter in Instavideo to change video mood.

4) Integration: There is no need to download third party apps to record. Instavideo is a built in apps inside the Instagram itself.

5) Selection of Thumbnail Video: You can choose a static image from the video recorded to be your video cover photo. This selection is important to create a good first impression.

Instagram Marketing > Shooting Picture Tips > Include CTA (Call To Action) by Hashtag > Examples

CTA (Call To Action) by Hashtag Examples

1) Avantstyle use 30 hashtags which includes hashtag type – brand, type of followers target, extra accessories, trending and general.

2) One of the easiest approach to get engagement is by asking followers to ‘tag the person you love most’ in your caption.

3) You can put hashtags in caption so as not to bog your caption with so many words.

Instagram Marketing > Shooting Picture Tips > Include CTA (Call To Action) by Hashtag 2


3) How to use hashtag:

a) To create ‘Brand Awareness’ – use 11-20 hashtags. Do not use more than 30 hashtags because if so, your pictures will not be published.

b) Make sure each of your posting has all kind of hashtag below:
i) Unique hashtag specifically for your product and brand. Example: #alisukasuit
ii) Trending hashtag that is related to your product. Example: #akupakaikauyangpanas – used by Wak Doyok.
iii) General hashtag for categorization purposes. Example: #suit #tie #slack #pants

4) Hashtag in a post: If you do not want to be seen as spam hashtag, put 3-5 hashtags in a post and change it to a new ones 30 minutes later.

5) Hashtag in a comment: You can put hashtag in comment so that it will not disturb your caption.

Instagram Marketing > Shooting Picture Tips > Include CTA (Call To Action) by Hashtag 1


1) Hashtag in Instagram is the symbol ‘#’ before the word (without space). It’s purpose is to classify the picture and make it  easier to be searched based on the hashtag ‘keyword(s)’.

2) In business, you can use hashtag to:

a) Build your Brand – Build your brand and community by creating a unique hashtag. Encourage followers to use that unique hashtag as one of your community.
b) To get new followers – Instagram users search posts based on their favourite hashtag. They will pay attention to your brand based on the search findings.
c) To check and choose followers – Target your potential followers by using hashtag related to your product(s). Set the type of followers that you want by referring to that particular hashtag, for example, #divers #muslimahclothing #bakers etc.

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