Instagram Marketing > Instavideo > Function & The Effects on Engagement 1

40% of Instavideo created for the purpose of Brand Promotion whether directly or indirectly. Below are reasons you should have at least one Instavideo of your own:

1) To record product demo and answer FAQs (Frequent Asked Questions):
List out FAQs from your customers and followers. Record a demo while answering those questions. For example, a tutorial video on how to install/wear/prepare your product step by step.

2) Build a Visual Portfolio on your work:
Pictures are more effective than words whilst videos are more effective than pictures. Merely because, in videos, users can use their visual and hearing senses to make a judgement. Record your best work so that it is easier for your followers to view it in 15 seconds. A short video will add more WOW to your work.

3) Highlight Special Promotions and Events:
15 seconds is a perfect duration to promote your special offer or any event that is related to your brand.

to be continued…


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