Instagram Marketing > How To Register an Account 2

4) Selection of the right profile picture:
a) Use company’s logo or picture that is related to your business as your profile picture.
b) Click ‘+Photo’.
c) Select ‘Take Photo’ or ‘Choose from Library’ to get suitable picture.
d) Do not ever import from FB. This is to avoid a mix up with your personal FB account.

5) Basic Profile:
a) Use your company/brand name. If you yourself is the ‘image’ of your business, use your own name.
b) Put business phone number to interact with your customers to give exposure to as many people possible, using the help of Instagram.
c) Consequently, you maybe asked to follow other people as well.
d) Do not ‘follow’ immediately! It is best if you post few pictures before you follow other people. If you ‘follow’ right away, they will view an empty profile and most probably will not follow you back.
e) Click ‘Skip’.

to be continued…


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