How to Get Rich 2

Hi all.. last time I posted at my blog about how to get rich and you learned that to get rich you need to imagine first. Imagine you are in successful condition, have a lot of money, have company, big cars, etc. The end result imagination is very important as a start to get a successful life. Now I want to share next step how to get rich.

The next step is sharing. Many people says sharing is caring, but for me sharing is one the very important factor that will lead you to get rich. What I mean is you need to share your money and your knowledge to others. When you share your money sincerely, believe me that you will get more money in future. The more you share the more you will get. Read this article about the more you give, the more you will get .

Many rich people in the world share their money to others while they run their business. That’s why they get more and more. They share their money to charity, needy people, students, orphans, poor people and also many other type or level of people. Read the second point from this site, you will notice that many rich people always share their money to others, especially the needy one. Almost every people have money, whether less or many. Try to share a little bit first, then larger amount from time to time. Remember the more you share the more you will get. And remember when you want to share your money, you need to share “clean” money that you get from salary, or any other type of payment. What I mean is, if you have a job, you need to do your job very good or just good. Give value to your work and share the money that you get from the good job you have done, then you will see the result.

Rich or successful people focus to add their asset and wealth day by day, year by year. What is wealth? What is asset? You need to explore more the meaning of asset and wealth. After you explore them, you will learn and understand more about the important of having asset. Many rich people focus on expanding their asset. They always think how to add their asset. But ordinary people just think how to get money and how to add money. They do not think much about asset.

OK let us explore more about sharing. Sharing is not just about money, but also knowledge. Rich people always share knowledge to others. Try to make research, and after you make some research, you will notice that most of the rich and successful people in the world always share their knowledge. Knowledge also like money. When you share more, you will get more in future. You don’t need to do some experiment to justify what I’m saying is correct. You just need to observe rich people around you. What they do, what they share, what is their habit. Just copy good habit from them and implement it. Then you will get the result. Off course all of this need some time. Don’t expect today you observe, next week you implement, then next month you want the result. Be patient OK. Give some time to you to study, make research and observation. And then implement them. Rich people always try to add their wealth by making others rich.

There are many methodology to get rich. Internet marketing is just one of the way. Last time I posted about some tips to be success in internet marketing . There are a lot of ways to get rich via internet marketing such as joining affiliate programs, selling e-book, selling products via ebay, amazon etc. The important thing is you need to plan your action. Not only just sharing and waiting the money comes to you. Sharing is important but the action also very important to get rich. You must plan what is the action or the next step to get the money after you imagine and share your money.

Like I said before, to get rich you must think first. Think and imagine that you surely will be a rich person. Here I share a good article, 8 ways of thinking how to become rich. The thinking process and imagination need some time before you get clear picture. The important thing is you need to believe in yourself that you will be a rich person. Be confident in whatever your plan or action you will do.

You need to believe that you will be success and rich. Rich person always think differently. They always have right vision and right attitude to get wealth. Start with the right thinking . Remember the thinking process controlled by yourself. So it is depend on you whether you want to control your thinking or not. If you can control your mind with positive attitude you can be a rich person. Average person always think negative before they start to do something. Don’t be like that. Be positive. Always positive although you face a big problem. Although you have high or low income right now. Think that you will become a successful person although no one believe in what you do.

To get rich you also need to change your habit and attitude. Change bad habit that you always do to good habit. Add your knowledge here and there about business and investing and be more confident with yourself. Remember to always believe in yourself. Write the good habit that you want to practice and keep doing the good habit day by day. Always remember success begins with right thinking and right habit or attitude that will determine the future of your life…

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